Infrared heater - modules

Optron® infrared modules are compact, shortwave or medium wave heating units with high power density for industrial heating processes. Our flexible portfolio with different series offers various possibilities to combine a perfect fitting heater array.

All modules are manufactured for 24/7 use because of its included fan cooling system. We offer different sizes (up to 2,14 m length) and power classes, all in-stock products ready for shipping. You need bigger sizes, more power, more features (like automatic controlled process)? An Optron IR-field could be the best solution, manufactured individually for your needs.

Let us help you to find the best fitting module for your application. We test your material on our equipment for you to find the right wavelength and the needed power.

IRD series - shortwave

with continuous emitters - universal modules with homogeneous emitted radiation

IRE series - shortwave

with in a line apposition emitters - tough and resistent to physical shocks

IR fields

individual in size, power and wavelength, fitting exactly  to your application

Fast medium wave

glare reduced, surface heating, e.g. for foil application

Focussed modules / IR Spot

Energy to the point (or on the line) exactly where you need it

IR Stands

mobile, flexible, efficient and easy to control - folding- and mobile stands

Info: For an introduction into the infrared heating topic and its terminology please refer to: Infrared technology

Advantages of Optron® module-system:

  • focus heat exactly where it's needed
  • compact, longlife modules
  • low service costs with our high quality Optron-emitters
  • fast and precisely regulated heat
  • non-contact heating in process
  • low heat-up- and cool-down-time
  • easy to upgrade existing production lines

We help you to find your Optron® module that fits to your application. Give us a call or write us an E-Mail!

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