Industries / Applications

To use our Optron® infrared modules and heaters is nearly without any limit. Many of our customers find new ways how to use the infrared technology for their applications. In doing so nearly all material can be heated in a very short timeframe to its desired temperature.

Even if metallic surfaces strongly reflect and appear to be inefficient, an emission converter, a surface treatment or an increased power density with the correct wave length will lead to a success. Every non-metallic surface (including lacquered bodyworks) can be easily heated up.

A small selection of applications in various industries:

  • Automotive – to heat for formability of components, to harden glue, to coat with powder, to dry lacquer
  • Building Materials – to dry coated concrete slabs and terrace tiles
  • Chemicals – to dry / to heat up powder (without dispersing), grainy and pasty substances, syrup, glue hardening, lacquers etc.
  • Print – to dry ink, to heat up injectors of 3D-printers
  • Plastics – to heat  / to weld / to deform / to fix
  • Food – to keep warm / to dry up / to dry off
  • Leather – to heat for formability
  • Furniture / Wood – to dry lacquers / polish / glue
  • Paper – to dry paper / glue
  • and many more

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