About us

OPTRON® Infrarotwärme produces ready-for-operation infrared modules for industrial thermal processes. A compact design together with an integrated ventilation system guarantee a maximum performance at a minimum housing size. Standardized system solutions together with large quantities in stock permit short delivery times and an economic series production.

The OPTRON® Messtechnik division manufactures measuring systems for the automotive area, however, with the focus on measuring and control devices as a complement for our infrared heat program.

Back in 1988 the Optron GmbH was founded as a family business.

Firstly, the corporate objective was to develop and calibrate temperature readings recorder and its downstream equipment.

Due to its rapid development at that time within the field of the radiation pyrometry (optical temperature reading) the business built up a core competency on touchless radiation pyrometers.

Further progress in development projects laid the foundation of the Optron®-Infrarot division. Now, it was possible to have a targeted touchless heating of surfaces, usually lacquers, plastics, or carbon designs.

Today, our infrared technology is primarily applied within the automotive industry and its suppliers and the aerospace industry. The range of application starts with the deformation via the welding up to the drying of paint surfaces. The range of applications has no limits. Over the last decades the Optron® company has evolved to a unique and established brand and its products are used within the large automotive brands in Germany, France, the United States of America and in some Asian countries, in researching universities and institutions of higher education and at mechanical engineering companies for the furniture and plastics industry.

Due to the large stock capacities our devices and appliances are immediately available in standard designs ex-stock, in case of individually configured designs in a few weeks. To ensure a quick spare parts delivery our stock holds large quantities of all series emitters.

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