IR Stands

We offer a full range of stands for all kinds of heating jobs. Our stand emitters are designed to fulfill all your curing and drying needs i.e. lacquer repair, spot repair and reworking jobs. Optron IR emitters make use of short wave IR frequencies (NIR). The highest-possible performance has been built into the smallest-possible space. The shortwave energy penetrates the lacquer coating and dries it from the inside. This means being able to work with higher performance output without having to risk bubble formation - which results in a shorter drying time.

Mobile stands

IRM-K Stand

mobile stand / infrared lacquer dryer with a small IR module

  • stays in position without any locking mechanism (balance spring)
  • its easy positioning ability and minimal dimensions make it perfectly suited for curing jobs at hard-to-reach body parts and even on the inside of a vehicle

IRM-K Stand, spring supportet height adjustment

  • for the easiest and most flexible handling with:
  • lifting spring supply for easy height adjustments

IRM Stand

mobile stand / infrared lacquer dryer with high drying capacity

  • optimal agility in positioning
  • drying area: approx. 85 x 130 cm
  • pivotable and rotateable IR-field with height adjustment
  • temperure control with integrated timer

-> perfect solution for spot-repair- and large dimension application

IRM-2 Stand

mobile stand / infrared lacquer dryer, the simple solution

  • power max. 2 x 3 kW
  • drying area 90 x 50 cm each 3 kW IR-module
  • modules adjustable individually
  • low height platform (80mm)

-> for drying works from the vehicle roof to the sill

Folding stands

KL-2 Stand

Foldable stand for various drying works

  • foldable space saving stand
  • 3 kW power
  • IR-module can be heigth adjusted, rotated and tilted
  • working heigth 0.1 ... 1.65 m

KL-2plus Stand

  • including temperature control

Shock Module

SM800 - Shock Modul

for highest energy densitiy on a small area
Suitable for applications like:

  • Pre-vulcanisation of rubber or silicone
  • Extrusion post heating

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